Don't Let It Break Your Heart
Hello everyone! I'm Kristyn. This blog is my personal/multi-fandom blog. I mainly post Harry Potter, sometimes Hunger Games, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Coldplay! (The gif above is not mine)

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T H E  U N I C O R N  A N D  T H E  W A S P

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"Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!"
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Star Trek: Leonard “Bones” McCoy

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make me choose Ron or Harry

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harry potter and some bad hair situations

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Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts [2/4] inspired by x

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What I find interesting is only once has anyone said to me, ’Don’t kill Hermione,’ and that was after a reading when I said no one’s ever worried about her… They see her as someone who is not vulnerable, but I see her as someone who does have quite a lot of vulnerability in her personality.

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